How to Make Hair Bows Out of Ribbon Without Sewing

Knowing how to make hair bows out of ribbon without sewing is a simple DIY (Do It Yourself) skill, perfect for making bows for gifting on birthdays and holidays. This is because you can create affordable designs without breaking the bank or using a sewing machine.

A girl’s closet is incomplete without a bow. Hair bows have always been trendy. These fancy accessories are the perfect ornaments for barrettes, hairbands, brooches, and badges.

how to make hair bows out of ribbon without sewing
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They have always been an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe way back when we played dress-up as little girls. They also served as gifts to favorite cousins and cute little friends. That is why it is an added advantage for you to know how to make them.

Supplies Needed

To begin, you will be needing the following:

Large and Small-Sized Ribbons

Ribbons are cheap and they come in varieties of design. They are durable and of strong texture, this makes them the best options for making crafts like hair bows.

Kinds of Ribbons

Silk ribbon

Satin ribbons

Tulle ribbons

Glue Gun and Candle Glue

The choice of glue is important. You know this is a no-sew hair bow so you might want to get a glue that adheres and dries immediately.

Pressing Iron (optional)

We would recommend a pressing iron for easy marking of mid-points after folding.

Measuring Tape

Used to measure before cutting the supplies needed.


Used to cut and trim during and after the process.


This depends on the item intended to be beautified using the bow.

For hair accessories:

Hairpins , flower clips , butterfly or flower clips, alligator clips, hair bands,

fabrics, hair ties or scarfs and French clips.

For dresses:

Brooch pins, , belts and lots more.


Although ribbons come sealed when cut out, they shred. You may want to use a lighter to seal up ends of the ribbons, to avoid ripping off. To this, quickly pass the edges of the ribbon over the flames.

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How to Make Hair Bows Out of Ribbon without Sewing – Different Types

Double No-Sew Ribbon Bows

Measure and cut out five-by-eight-inch double strips from the large ribbon tape.

Measure and cut out another strip of the same length from the small ribbon tape. This is for lining and concealing the centre of the hair bow.

Afterwards, using the heated lighter, seal up the ends of the ribbon to prevent it from shredding.

Fold the two ribbons. Use a pressing iron to mark out the centerline.

In the absence of none, use a marker on the inside of the ribbon, not the outer part. If using an embroidered ribbon, fold the rougher side inwards.

Fold the edges on both ends of the ribbon to form a coiled loop.

Let both edges meet and align at the centre mark you mapped out in step 2 but be careful to avoid overlap.

Repeat step four (4) on the other 5-by-8-inch piece of ribbon.

Using two fingers, tweak the centre of the folded ribbon loop towards you to form pleats. Apply a moderate amount of glue at the centre where the two edges of the ribbon align. Be careful of spillover glue to avoid a messy job.

After glueing, you have a folded ribbon with the centre protruded out due to the gum adhesive. Now tweak the centre of the folded ribbon again but this time in a reverse direction, i.e. to the back, then apply glue. This will give you a flat centrepiece.

Repeat these steps for the second folded piece

Arrange both bows together, overlapping one onto the other. Check for alignment on both edges of the loops and at the centre.

Using the third ribbon strap (for lining), wrap it around the middle of the bow from front to back. While holding firm to the middle with your left hand, use the other to pin it down with the bow. Seal the edges with the lighter and then apply a moderate amount of glue.

Next, get your clip of choice, align it at the back of the bow, then apply glue.

This should give u a proper hair bow, you can choose to attach any embellishment of your choice in the centre front.

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The Pendant No-Sew Ribbon Bow

To make this type of bow, you will need either a faux flower, fine stone or designer button to adorn the middle.

Cut out about six (6) pieces of ribbon, the same length, and width. heat fix edges with a lighter to prevent shredding.

In a folded manner, mark out the centre of the piece of ribbon. From the middle, measure and mark out half inches away on both sides. This is where the edges of the ribbon should align in a loop-like manner then apply glue. The 1-inch space left is to avoid puffiness in the middle.

Do this for all 6 ribbons

Next, pile up the ribbon loop on each other to form the shape of a cross. Start with two, cross them at the centre, exactly on that space left when glueing. One after the other, glue each layer in the centre as you place.

When all 6 loops are laid in a flower petal shape. Apply some glue on the embellishment and then place to conceal the centre front.

Take the pin of your choice, apply some generous amount of glue and attach it to the centre back. Viola! Your pedant hair bow is ready.

Single No-Sew Ribbon Bow

Take the size roll of ribbons of choice; they usually come in different sizes, so you can get a small and big size.

From the ribbon tape, roll out the desired length plus half an inch. That is, if the desired length is 8 inches, you add half an inch. This is for overlapping allowance.

Cut with scissors. Heat seal the edges with a lighter to prevent shredding.

Roll the same length from the smaller sized ribbon. This is for lining and wrapping the centre of the large ribbon when done.

Place the large piece of ribbon on a flat surface. Fold both edges in a loop like a form so that both edges overlap on each other

While holding the overlap down with your left hand, use your right hand to apply a small amount of glue underneath the overlap. Avoid spillovers to prevent messing up the project.

Using two fingers, tweak the centre of the ribbon to form the shape of the bow, as if to make a pleat. You can form as many pleats, depending on the size of the bow. While doing this, reach out for the smaller ribbon you cut out earlier. Still holding firm, use it to wrap around the ribbon bow from the front to the back.

Apply very little glue, like a pea size, hold still until dry.

Meanwhile, if the glue isn’t in reach or you are afraid of using glues because you always make a mess, fret not. You can still use a fabric thread to wrap around the ribbon bow. Tie the fabric thread, then trim off loose ends.

Place a hairpin of choice underneath the tried fabric thread. There you have it. Your perfect ribbon bow.

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Boutique Style No-Sew Bow

From the roll of large ribbon, cut out desired bow length. Cut out the same length from the smaller roll of ribbon.

Fold the ribbon into half. Use a lighter to seal the ends to stop shredding.

Holding the edge of one side of the ribbon, loop it halfway as if to create an awareness ribbon, then hold it in the mid-point.

Repeat step 3 for the other end, to form a double loophole. At the top of the ribbon, fold both ends to overlap then hold with your fingers.

Clip the bow at the middle with a large hair clip.

Adjust loops, so they can be even. Using a thread, wrap around the bow at the middle, from front to back then knot.

Trim off the excess thread

Apply glue unto a small portion of ribbon and wrap it around the bow for some minutes till it adheres.

Viola! There you have it.

Video: A Look at the General Way of Making No-Sew Hair Bows

It is pretty easy but don’t take our word for it. Just watch this video.

Bottom Line

Making your own ribbon hair bows, even with embellishments, is not difficult. In fact, it is enjoyable and so easy, you can do it in your leisure time with family or friends. Besides, it is a craft you can learn and teach others so get on with your crafts.