How To Hem Pants Without Sewing- 4 Simple Hacks For Emergencies

Do you have pants that you so badly want to wear but they dont fit and you do not have the time to take it to a tailor for hemming? Not to worry! We are here to show you how to hem pants without sewing. You only need to have some basic tools handy and you will be done in no time.

It can be really embarrassing and annoying to always have to pull your pants because they are not fitting and threatening to fall off your waist! You can save yourself such inconvenience and avoidable embarrassment by learning to adjust your pants or jeans that are too bogus on you.

For you to adjust the waistline of your pants, the main work is at the center back region of your pants. You will first remove your pant’s belt loops and measure the amount of fabric you want to take out of the pants. The next step is to mark the location you want adjusted with the help of pins and then sew from the adjustment.

You need to confirm what fabric your pants are made of before you start adjusting it. This is because pants made of silk or cotton related materials may need pre washing before being hemmed/adjusted. This is because some of these materials are likely to shrink after sewing them.

That’s the basic standard procedure for adjusting the waistline of your pants. However, in this post we focus on showing you how you can hem your pants without using a sewing machine.

There are several hacks that you can employ; sit tight and let’s share some of them with you!

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Step By Step Process Of Hemming Pants – The Most Complicated Method

In hemming pants without using sewing machine, you will need to do the following:

  • First of all, you will need to flip your pants inside out to confirm the quantity of extra fabric you have to the hem of your pant.  You will now have to decide the quantity of extra hem required to amend your pants. If on the other hand you intend shortening your pants, all you need do is to decide how much of your pants hem you want tucked in!
  • Then slowly tear open the thread that holds the seam of the bottom pant with a seam riper. As soon as you have torn the thread up to the bottom leg level, pull out the shifting thread and have it cleaned up.
  • The next step is to roll down your pants a little to enable you properly view the inside region of your pants. Even though you are extending the pant’s length, you will need to create a little fold towards the end of your pants. Iron the fold to make it even and make sure the height of the fold is even all round the pant. This small fold serves the purpose of taking hold of the sewing tape.
  • Further to the above, you will need to cut double sewing tape strips of 10 inches and using them one after the other, pass them between the cuff’s gaps.  Put your pressing iron on low heat setting, and then press the region with your tape so as to bind your fabric together. It’s important to iron right on the pant fabric rather than on the tape. The ironing should be brief but it’s necessary you confirm from the fabric tape instructions.
  • Finally flip over the leg of the pant and do the same with the second strip of your fabric tape. Repeat the same process for the second leg of the pant. You can now unfold the pants, ironing it again the second time to remove further creases. With this process you’ve hemmed your pants without a sewing machine!
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Making A Permanent Hem With Glue – A Simpler Method

 The simplest, quickest and cheapest way to permanently hem your pant is to make use of glue. The process is as follows:

Ensure the glue you are opting for is one for craft and fabric which can equally be dry-cleaned. If you end up using glue that is not adapted to dry-cleaning, then you should never send such pant for dry-cleaning.  If ever the pant is dry-cleaned, the glue used in the hemming process will dissolve and your pants would be in a really bad shape.

In applying the fabric glue , first make use of a very lean bead, then follow the instructions for its application. Do the testing of the glue first to ensure the glue does not bleed-through on one right side of the pant.

The first step to take in hemming your pants with glue is to measure how long you want to make the pants. It’s better to stand while being measured so as to get accurate measurement. The measurement should be both for the inside and outside of the sewn pants. It is best to use the tailor’s chalk in marking your measurements since it easily cleans off.  The markings would indicate how the hem is to be made and it ends.

After measuring and marking the hemming position, the pants should be turned inside out. Then fold the pants along the edge of the region of the hemming and pin it. .

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Simpler And Faster Methods Of Hemming Your Pants Without Sewing

There are other quick fix methods of hemming your pants and they include the following:-

Stapling The Hem Of The Pants

One of the quick ways of hemming pants without sewing is by stapling it. This method is quite quick but the sharp folded ends of the staple can always catch on items.

Using Small Safety Pins

Small safety pins can also be used in hemming pants. It is important to ensure that a good part of the pin is not exposed on any part of the pants. Ensure that it is properly affixed so as not to cause injury to the wearer.

Using Pressing Iron On A Mending Tape

You can hem your pants by placing a mending tape at the desired location and ironing it. You could improvise with a tea spoon you have heated up on the stove if there’s no pressing iron available.  Just press the hot tea spoon on the mending tape you have placed at the hemming point.

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What we have shared in this articles are quick tips you need to fix your long pants when you are in a hurry and don’t have a sewing machine handy. Even if a sewing machine is nearby. You may not want to go through all the hassles of setting up the sewing machine just to do a little hemming on your pants.  With a needle and your thread, you can quickly fix the hem of your pants.

 This discourse is vital for students living in dormitories, people who are not keen on sewing or those who do not have a sewing machine handy. Moreover, it saves you valuable time as this is a project that may not take you up to ten minutes.

With the information we have shared with you in this article you can quickly hem your pants with fabric stickers, athletic tape, hot or adhesive glue in a jiffy! All you do after fixing your pants is just to iron in the crease on the hemming and the deal is done!  

So go through this article over and over again to master how to do a temporary but quick fix on your pants by using the athletic tape to hem the inner part of your pant cuff. With the adhesive or hot glue you can also do a semi-permanent quick fix. Note however, that you may need a sewing machine to make a permanent adjustment to your pants.

In adopting these methods however be mindful of dry-cleaning the pants as this is likely to affect your hemming. It’s also important you consider the nature of fabric as well as the quantity of glue you are applying. The hemming will not be okay if the glue used is too much.

There are really a lot of options if you want to hem your pants without sewing or using a sewing machine. The methods we have put forward here will be of help so why not try it out and let’s know the outcome.

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